Class RtuServiceImpl

  • @Service
    public class RtuServiceImpl
    extends AbstractServiceImpl
    Service to securely get the user name Rather than accessing the user name from the client / query parameter
    • Constructor Detail

      • RtuServiceImpl

        public RtuServiceImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • performRtuCheck

        public CompletableFuture<org.acumos.licensemanager.client.model.LicenseRtuVerification> performRtuCheck​(String solutionId,
                                                                                                                String revisionId,
                                                                                                                String workflowId,
                                                                                                                String assetUsageId,
                                                                                                                String loggedInUserName)
        Performs a right to use check Calls License Mgr Client Library which will call License Usage Manager service.
        solutionId -
        revisionId -
        workflowId -
        assetUsageId -
        a license rtu verification in the future